I've enjoyed having the opportunity to create this web site.  Please feel free to send or
e-mail me any pictures you might have - old or new.  I would love to post them for you.  I am particularly looking for pictures from high school or the other reunions. Any pictures you mail will be returned promptly.

I look forward to seeing all of you at our
45th reunion.

Carol Kelly Sprague
982 County Road 521
Newton, NJ 07860


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Bette Ann Barthold (Aber)
Paralegal @ State of NJ/DYFS Divorced 1
Hello to everyone!  Hope you are all doing well and enjoying life.  I having been living at the Jersey Shore for the past thirty-five years.  My one son, George, resides in Bradenton, Florida, with his wife, Elizabeth.  I enjoy visiting with them but wish I lived there.  Beach all year, the way life should be!  I am still working as a paralegal for child protective services.  I do love my job, saving children everyday.   Emma (the former Emmy Lou) Randall Anderson and I still spend time together and are both looking forward to our upcoming 45th reunion!  See you then! Send Bette Ann a MessageSend Bette Ann a Message
Linda Kay Bennett (Bennett LeMere)
Profile picture
Profile picture
Doctor of Naturopathy Married 6
please post on classmates the reunion info - a lot of members registered and the quickest way to reach married females Send Linda Kay a MessageSend Linda Kay a Message
Judi Bogart
retired Divorced
I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion. This is the first reunion I have been able to attend since the very first one; and that seems (and is!) so long ago! I hope all who can't attend this year are happy and healthy. Send Judi a MessageSend Judi a Message
Claire Wiggins (Borrello)
Administrative Assistant Married 2
Send Claire a MessageSend Claire a Message
Kathleen Brondi
School Psychologist, Trenton Public Schools Divorced 1
I am glad that Bob Lytle tracked me down through my brother Bert. I did not know about any of the other reunions, and I think it will be fun to finally attend one! Send Kathleen a MessageSend Kathleen a Message
Jamie Brudnick
Just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still out here in Santa Cruz.  I'm blown away by how nice everyone turned out.  High school was a dream to me. I was unconscious and obsessively compulsive about playing athletic games.  Believe me, it was the blind leading the blind.  I didn't wake up until I was about 45.  I've always liked laughing and continue to do so. I guess I'll always be a flower child. 
Linda Hawkins (Caponegro)
social worker Married 1
I am looking forward to the 40th reunion only I am thinking of it as our 20th. Peggy Paulsen and I will be attending together. That would make us 20 years younger and slimmer. This has been a very painful year for us because we lost our 23 year old son, Kevin. He was in a construction accident on 4/7/05, survived 17 surgeries and 5 bouts of pneumonia and other infections and procedures. Unfortunately, he died on 10/21/06. My friend,Peggy Paulsen and her sister came out for the funeral which I will never forget. We obviously are heartbroken but are trying to remain hopeful that he is at peace in heaven.I sincerely hope all of you and your families are well and happy. Send Linda a MessageSend Linda a Message
Sharon Brown (Cherny)
Single Again
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Sharon Brown (Cherny)
Divorced 2
Finally retired from working with the Sixth Judicial Circuit as a paralegal and administrative trainer for all felony and misdemeanor secretaries.  Living close to the beach in Clearwater. Send Sharon a MessageSend Sharon a Message
Ora Rudavsky (Cohen)
Profile picture
Former Teacher and Pre-School Director Committed Relationship 2
I have been out of touch, but I will try to attend the reunion.  I have two daughters, one in FL and one in Boston.  I have two grandchildren, ages 5 and 4 months (in Boston), and I live nearby in Quincy, MA.
My parents still live in Bergen County, so maybe I will be able to attend the reunion and visit with them.  They will be 89 Years old and will celebrate their 69th wedding anniversary this June! 
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